Temporary Closure

Embassy of The Republic of Ghana

Copenhagen, Denmark





The Ghana Embassy in Copenhagen wishes to inform the general public that in line with recommendations of the Danish Authorities on tackling the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) at workplaces, the Embassy will be CLOSED with effect from Monday, 16th March 2020.

This closure will affect all activities of the Embassy including Consular Services.

In case of emergency, you may contact the following emergency numbers:

 +45 39 62 82 22 Ext. 241 for Consular issues OR

+45 39 62 82 22 Ext. 240 for any other assistance.

In all other cases, the public is encouraged to send emails through 

copenhagen@mfa.gov.gh or consular@ghanaembassy.dk. Or regular post to 

Egebjerg Alle 13, DK – 2900 Hellerup, Denmark’.

Until further notice, the above decision shall be strictly enforced.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Contact Us

Address: Egebjerg Alle 13,

                 DK - 2900 Hellerup


Email:   ghana@mail.dk /                                                          copenhagen@mfa.gov.gh /

 Consular Email: consular@ghanaembassy.dk 

Phone:  +45 3962 8222

Working Hours

DAYS: Monday to Friday

TIME: 9:00 am to 15:00 hours


Consular Working Hours

DAYS: Monday to Thursday 

TIME:  9:30  -  13:30 hours

Telephone Hours: 10:00  -  12:00 hours 

Fridays, Weekends, & Public Holidays: Closed

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